Why Women are Allowed to Perv on Hot Men

Sonny Bill Williams meets our standard of hot men. He is a rugby player for the NZ All Blacks

First of all, don’t get all bent out of shape regarding my use of the word ‘”perv” here. Let me explain. I have a girlfriend from New Zealand who uses the slang “perving on men” to describe her endless desire to look at them. Being from NZ, she and her fellow country-men get away with using all sorts of inappropriate slang. And also a rugby nation, New Zealand is chock-full of rather handsome athletes.  Ever heard of Sonny Bill Williams?

Ok, and now for a little dose of the double standard.

Women like Hot Men for their Talent

There is a life-long rule that has existed for all of my boyfriends since the release of Good Will Hunting. Matt Damon is my get-out-of-jail-free card. Period. He has stood the test of time against all other heart throbs (although Tom Hardy is a relatively new runner up).

My husband knows that the only reason why I want to see The Martian is because of its protagonist. Even though I swear it’s because of the raving reviews.

And this is EXACTLY where the double standard comes into play! If my husband revealed his “Hollywood” crush I’m sure I would be totally bent out of shape. I believe this is because of this simple fact: women “perv” on men who have talent. Yes, these men are typically gorgeous specimens as well, but it is because of their raw talent that they get noticed firstly. Case in point: David Beckham. Women don’t typically like a man simply because they are beautiful,  its because they look good doing something  good. To prove this point again, try to name  a top male model that you either have overheard a group of girls giggling about, or have had a strong desire to Google late at night. Personally I can’t name one.  But if you Google “the hottest men alive” you are going to find a list containing the likes of very talented professional athletes, actors, and musicians. I haven’t come across any male-models in these lists.

On the flip side, go on a little Google search for ‘hottest women alive’ (or don’t, because husbands if you do, you are seriously dead meat).  You know what you find? Boobs and butt, and mostly little substance. Being one myself, it’s not my desire here at all to degrade any ladies. And a beautiful woman is one of the most amazing attractions on Earth, but, do you get my point? Most of these women’s so-called talents are, well, posing for the camera.

The point of all of this is that I think it’s only fair that women should be allowed to watch men because not only are we admiring their God-given beauty, we are most importantly admiring the talent that they possess. Am I right, am I right?

Regardless of your opinion, here are few photos of men deemed talented and good to look at. Do you agree? Are we missing anyone?

Included in our list of hot men is Sonny Bill Williams of the New Zealand All Blacks
Sonny Bill Williams, New Zealand All Blacks Rugby
Hot man and talented actor, Matt Damon
Matt Damon, talented actor, hot man
David Becckham makes it to the top of the list of hot men and talented men.
The talented and good looking David Beckham.
Hot Men award includes Russell Wesbrook, talented basketball player
Russell Westbrook, NBA All-Star and fine specimen.
Tom Hardy is a wide-ranging actor and beautiful man.
Tom Hardy, captivating actor in more ways than one





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