A New Organic, Raw Protein Drink Perfect for Athletes and the Health Conscious

Active Milk, a brand of sprouted buckwheat milk is an organic, raw energy drink full of protein and tons of other nutrients.

Photo courtesy: Ryan Tiehen. Active Milk

Jack Tracy is the founder of Active Milk, a new brand of jarred raw sprouted buckwheat milk that provides a punch of protein and nutrients. Before we get into the numerous health benefits of the buckwheat seed, I wanted to share more about Tracy.

Jack Tracy, founder of Active Milk, a sprouted Buckwheat Milk, plays rugby for USAHe is an interesting man with wild long hair, and a chiseled rugby-player physique. But it’s  not just his super hero looks that captivate people.  Distrusting of the government and big business, he is also very active in researching health studies. He holds bold and honest opinions on his social media outlets that are not in the least bit sugar-coated.  This is definitely a CEO without a PR spokesperson.

An entrepreneur, Tracy has seen his business grow to capture a share of the sprouted seed market in Southern California. Active Milk is now a distributor to Mother’s Market in various locations in Orange County and the Eastside MiniMart in Costa Mesa.

Buckwheat is filled with amazing nutrients

Sprouted buckwheat has a laundry list of benefits, including reducing blood sugar, providing antioxidants, and protecting against breast cancer, obesity, stroke, diabetes etc. It’s also one of the only seeds that is a complete protein. Providing tons of vitamin B and also full of Omega 3 Fatty acids, it has essential nutrients and fats in in a single food source.  It’s great as an energy source and protecting your vascular system.

A Meal Replacement Option Great for Athletes

Joseph Taufete, USA Rugby Eagle and San Diego Pro Rugby Player, picks up his Active Milk from East Side Mini Mart to include in his workout regimen.
Joseph Taufete, USA Rugby Eagle and San Diego Pro Rugby Player, picks up his Active Milk from East Side Mini Mart to include in his workout regimen.

Tracy’s Active Milk can act as a meal replacement, filled with protein, carbohydrates, nutrients and vitamins without the sugar. The ingredients are all organic and raw. It comes in several great flavors including: Raw Cocoa (my favorite), Cinnamon, Chai, Cold Brew Coffee, Orange Vanilla, Lemon, and Tumeric.

Tracy sells Active Milk to many rugby players and considers it a great nutritional source for athletes.   He recommends consuming it before or after workouts as its ideal for high energy demand workouts, providing plenty of protein and carbohydrates without sugar, along with several vitamins that nourish the body.

Tracy is considered a pioneer of the raw sprouted milk market. In the same way that he is bold with his words, he is bold with his health.  Now a mostly raw food eater who promotes such things as eating raw liver, he wasn’t always this clean. Tracy admits he is an extremist; whatever he is into, he is into it hard. Once struggling with addiction, he was saved by the very health food store that now sells his product. Mother’s Market was his place of employment before they began selling his Active Milk. It was while working here that he discovered a treasure trove of healthy options and a community of people who care about health, the environment and supporting each other.

The trick to overcoming addiction, Tracy learned, is that people with obsessive behavior need to invest energy into things that are good for them. He does that now with his focus on health, rugby, his meditation and prayer, caring for the environment and sustaining healthy relationships with friends and family. He joined the Belmont Shore Rugby Club and within just a couple years was a starting player for a squad that won two national titles. He was picked up by the USA Eagles Rugby team for a short period, went to Life College to study Health and Nutrition, and discovered a whole new health regime.

A couple of friends, Ryan Rippons and Scott Uhl, educated him on the benefits of eating live food including raw sprouted seeds,  and taught him the process for sprouting his own. He was introduced to a raw food specialist, Lou Corona, a local raw foods celebrity of sorts who has eaten mostly fruits, vegetables and seeds for nearly 40 years with incredible health results.

Tracy started making his own raw sprouted buckwheat milk when he couldn’t get it at health food stores. He realized there are barely any in the market due to the difficulty of mass production – raw food is made with no preservatives and has a short shelf life. Tracy’s Active Milk lasts approximately 6 days. He is working on ways to bottle the milk with a longer shelf life that does not ruin the integrity of the product.

 Active Milk can be delivered to your door in Southern California

jack tracyTracy also developed a local delivery service for his product, a very similar service to the milk deliveries of the 1950’s and 60’s. My husband and I ordered numerous times from him and he actually came into our home and organized the milks in the fridge for us. He jokes that he is bringing the community back together, but in a way it’s very true.

Tracy incorporates eco-friendly practices into his business. Through his delivery service he provides buckwheat milk in glass jars and collects the jars and recycles them for future batches. He noted on his Facebook page that in 2015 he saved $12,000 in production costs by recycling glass jars “…and more importantly tens of thousands of plastic bottles saved from the earth’s surface. Thanks for participating in sustainability aspect of active milk… Plastic not only acts as a hormone disruptor but can’t biodegrade for thousands of years. I encourage you to support businesses that operate sustainably and boycott ones that don’t! Be symbiotic to our host, not parasitic.”

How to Get Active Milk

If you are a local in Southern California and would like to learn more on his delivery service areas, you can reach Jack Tracy directly by phone: 949.244.8448 or by email: jacktracy3212@gmail.com. You can also contact Mother’s Market to find locations that sell his product.


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