Marijuana Cultivation Accessible to Medical Patients and Enthusiasts Throughout Southern California

Beginning in Los Angeles, In Home Harvest offers full service organic
soil based, hydroponic and aeroponic growing systems, with expert
cultivation throughout the growth cycle.  The service features regular
support visits, 24/7 online monitoring, and harvesting and packaging,
enabling consumers to grow their own marijuana in the convenience of
their home.

As Californian’s rush to dispensaries across the Southland beginning
this January 2018, they will be met by high prices, seedy locations, and
inconsistent product quality. This is the unfortunate reality of an
industry in its infancy. Addressing these concerns, In Home Harvest has
launched a residential marijuana cultivation service- offering full
service growing systems, expert cultivation service throughout the
growth cycle, 24/7 online monitoring, and harvest and packaging support.
Beginning in Los Angeles, with plans to expand throughout California,
this innovative service enables enthusiasts and those suffering
illnesses to discreetly and legally grow the highest quality cannabis in
their own home at less than 50 percent of dispensary prices.

“With more than 10 years of experience in the industry, we have seen
first hand the product inconsistency that is common, the inconvenient
areas where dispensaries often locate, and the high prices consumers
must contend with. In introducing our residential cultivation service
program, we have addressed each of these concerns, empowering the
consumer to control all aspects the process – seed to harvest,” said
Director of Operations, Al Lakomskis.

In Home Harvest offers multiple installation and full services packages
with two, four, or six plants. Each package includes natural soil or
soil-less options, fertilizer and supplements to ensure customer crops
are natural and pesticide free from start to finish. All packages
include appropriate grow tent, LED lights, temperature monitor, video
link, odor and temperature control, soil, supplements, drying and curing
supplies, and packaged bags (at customers home) at the end of the

“We are pleased to bring this new service to the market as more
Californians look to marijuana’s benefits for both medical treatment as
well as recreation. In home cultivation is the most cost effective, safe
and convenient option – but for many it has seemed inaccessible because
of the technical know-how required. In Home Harvest has eliminated this
barrier for our customers and we are excited to partner with our clients
from seed to harvest,” said Al Lakomskis.

In Home Harvest installs an in-door marijuana cultivation system for one of it’s clients.

grow marijuana in your own home with an installation from In Home Harvest
In Home Harvest installs an in-door marijuana cultivation system for one of it’s clients.


With over 10 years of experience in ecologically-sound farming and 10
years of experience in the California Marijuana industry, the founders
of In Home Harvest are bringing in home marijuana cultivation to the
masses. At an average cost of less than 50% of dispensary prices, with
the ability of the consumer to control quality and safety, in home
cultivation is the right choice for medical patients and enthusiasts.
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